Texas’s Used Car
Lemon Law

Each case is different, and that’s why the attorneys at the J. Alexander Law Firm review the details with you, to determine if you have recourse through the Texas Used Car Lemon Law or the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Let us use our experience to help determine if you have a case for your used vehicle.

“Help! I bought a lemon car and I don’t know what to do next.”

We hear this pretty often in our lemon law practice, and the good news is that we can guide you.

Texas’ used car lemon law might provide you with some protections, but the vehicle must still be covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty (not an extended warranty, though).  

If you bought a lemon car that isn’t covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty, you may still be eligible for protection under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Our used car lemon law covers buyers who purchased or leased a vehicle at retail from a dealership in Texas, provided that the warranty is still in effect. Sometimes the law covers an exception to that: If the owner brought the car to the dealer while it was still under warranty, and the dealer knew about the problem before the warranty expired, you may still have a case.

What to Know About the Texas Used Car Lemon Law

If you bought a lemon and you’re seeking relief under Texas lemon law, you and your lawyer must prove:

  • The vehicle has a serious defect or abnormal condition
  • The condition or defect the vehicle has is supposed to be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • You reported the condition to the dealer or manufacturer within the warranty term
  • You let the dealer try to fix it a reasonable number of times
  • The problem still exists, even after the dealer has tried to fix it multiple times
  • The problem substantially impairs your use of the vehicle or market value, or the problem creates a serious safety hazard
  • You bought the vehicle from a Texas dealer or leasing company

About the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act lets you seek relief from a manufacturer if you buy a used car that has a defect. The catch is that you must have complained to the manufacturer through an authorized dealership while the warranty was still active.

Extended Warranties and the Used Car Lemon Law

Although the dealer may have offered you an extended warranty when you purchased the car, and although it may still be active, these types of guarantees don’t fall under the used car lemon law. Only the manufacturer’s original warranty counts if you have bought a used car that turns out to have major issues.

How Can You and Your Lawyer Prove You’re Entitled to Relief After Buying a Lemon Car?

Because you and your attorney are responsible for proving that you’re entitled to relief, it’s important that you keep extensive records. You’ll probably need documentation that shows when and where you brought your car in for repairs, as well as your original warranty information, purchase contract and proof of registration (in some cases). If there’s a specific document your lawyer needs, he’ll let you know.

What to Do if You Bought a Lemon

If you bought a lemon, your first step is to gather all the documentation you have that might be related to your case.You can ask us all your questions – and we’ll ask you a few of our own. We’ll discuss possible outcomes for your case, and if you’re eligible for protection under Texas lemon law or the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, we’ll get to work.