What to Expect When Working With a Lemon Law Attorney

The attorneys and associates at the J. Alexander Law Firm review each case individually, looking for details and specifics that can qualify for a Lemon Law claim. Each case has different variables and conditions, which we dissect to determine if your situation qualifies for relief under the Texas Lemon Law.

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What Does a Lemon Law Attorney Do?

The State of Texas and the U.S. Government both protect consumers from buying a lemon – a car that develops a defect or condition that impairs its use, value or safety – and if that’s happened to you, you could be eligible for relief. You may want to talk to a lemon law attorney as soon as possible.

Lemon law attorneys are there to protect your rights as a consumer. As a Texan, you’re covered under our state’s lemon law. You’re also protected in some ways under the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which Congress passed in 1975

What Your Lemon Law Attorney Will Ask You

Your attorney has to determine whether you’re covered under the lemon law, so he or she will ask you a series of questions to make sure it applies to you. Your lemon law lawyer may ask you:

  • When did you purchase the vehicle?
  • Did you allow the manufacturer a “reasonable opportunity” to repair the defect?
  • How many times have you taken your vehicle to the dealership for repair?
  • Did you purchase the car used?
  • If you bought the car used, how much time was left on the manufacturer’s warranty when you first reported the problem?

A Word on Used Vehicles and the Lemon Law

In some cases, used vehicles are covered under state laws. For example, if the manufacturer’s warranty hasn’t expired, the manufacturer is still responsible for repairs (but extended service contracts don’t count). Also, if the problem started and someone reported it to the dealer while the car was still under the original warranty, you could still be covered.

Even if the lemon law doesn’t cover you, or your car’s warranty has expired, you may still qualify for some form of protection under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act or other, similar laws.

What Types of Action Your Lemon Law Lawyer Will Take

If your attorney determines that your case does fall under our state’s lemon law, he or she will discuss every aspect of your claim. Your lawyer will ask you for important documents, like your vehicle purchase contract, proof of registration, and records that show how many times you took the vehicle in for repairs for the same issue.

Your lawyer will talk about potential outcomes for your case, too, and then he or she will start the legal process to hold the manufacturer accountable. That includes getting in touch with the manufacturer and notifying them of the claim and attempting to resolve the issue outside of court.

In many cases, lemon law lawyers are able to settle the cases without involving a judge. However, if your case does have to go to court, your attorney will be with you every step of the way. He’ll speak for you in court and stand up for your rights as a consumer so you get the best possible outcome in your case.

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